WanderwegYou can find nature pure, walking in the harsh law scenery in the middle of Bavaria. The "oberpfälzer Juralandschaft" is unmistakeable with her luxuriant flower splendour and the gruff law lime rocks. Between Jura and Altmühl valley, along to the idyllic river countries like the Lauerach, the Sulz, the Altmühl and the Laaber, wonderful footpaths indicate themselves.

Schwammerl Our marked foodpaths lead you in the places of interest of Velburg, for example, the amusing dripstone cave,high ropes course, the cave "Hohlloch", the Schwammerl and the Velburger castle ruin.


 castle ruindripstone caveHohllochHochseilgarten mit Kinderparcour ab 3 Jahren