Skiing for BIG and small

Even in winter, plenty of variety

SkiliftOnly a few minutes away from us on the ,,Monte Sperlasso" you can go fast on a few turns or just enjoy the winter sports and après-ski atmosphere.
Above all, the budding ski and snowboarding fans can make their first contacts with the boards and snow ski.

This track is ideal for beginners - for LARGE and small.

But even with the advanced slope is quite popular.

There are also ski and snowboard courses.

But also for our Cross-country skiers we have something

LoipeAt the appropriate snow conditions will again be a groomed ski trail. The path around the Sperlasberg enjoys great popularity. Right you can see the trail over the 6.5 km long "Monte Sperlasso Round" and if it is sufficient snow, it is also a long round over a distance of approximately 12,5 km around the mountain ,,Helfenburg".